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September Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “Congress returns from extended summer recess to busy tax agenda”. Steve Grgas answeres, “FAQ What are the new IRS procedures for Individual Tax Identification Numbers”.

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August 2016 Newsletter

Andy Presti discusses, “Employers, payroll providers prepare for accelerated filing deadlines”. Sal Russo discusses, “Crowdfunding: a new resource with developing tax rules”.

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July 2016 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “Tax Legislation moves forward before Congress’ August Recess”. Steve Grgas answers, “FAQ: Are contributions to foreign charities tax-deductible?”.

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June 2016 Newsletter

Salvatore Russo discusses, “Taxpayer protections, IRS oversight bills advance in Congress”. Steve Grgas answers “FAQ: Who is eligible for the small business stock exclusion?”.

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May 2016 Newsletter

Salvatore Russo discusses, “Don’t overlook new-for-2016 enhancements to certain tax incentives”. Andy Presti discusses, “Filing season closes; cybersecurity and customer service top priorities for IRS”.

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