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February Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “National Taxpayer Advocate calls for taxpayer – centric IRS”. While Brian Whelan discusses, “Filing season begins; IRS warns of refund delays”.

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January Newsletter

Brian Whelan discusses, “Filing season launches Jan 23”. Salvatore Russo answers, “FAQ: Are some tax return deadlines changing in 2017?”.

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December Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “What to expect on 2016 Form 1040: Key changes”, while Steve Grgas discusses, “2016 year-end tax strategies with tax cuts on the horizon”.

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November newsletter

Sal Russo discusses, “Congress returns for year-end tax legislation push”. Andrew Presti discusses, “Natural disaster tax relief and preparednes”.

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Supplemental October Newsletter

Steve Grgas discusses, “Business identity theft, tax consequences and best practices”. Wayne Naegele answers, “How Do I? Make an in-plan Roth IRA rollover? “

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