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January 2016 Newsletter

Joseph Romano answers: How Do I? Elect to be taxed as an S corporation? Steve Grgas discusses IRS gets budget boost to improve customer service and cybersecurity, curb identity theft.

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December 2015 Newsletter

Andy Presti discusses Last-minute tax planning strategies to consider as the 2015 tax year closes. Sal Russo talks about how Budget Act raises revenue with new tax compliance measures for partnerships, other changes.

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November 2015 Newsletter

Steve Grgas discusses: Clock ticks down to year-end passage of tax extenders. Wayne Naegele talks about how the IRS promises more identity theft protections in 2016 filing season.

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October 2015 Newsletter

Joe Romano discusses: First look at year-end tax planning. Sal Russo addresses FAQ: Can a taxpayer assign income to someone else?

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September 2015 Newsletter

Andy Presti’s review: Developments continue to impact the mortgage interest deduction. Steve Grgas discusses: When must individuals pay estimated taxes?

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