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September 2015 Newsletter

Andy Presti’s review: Developments continue to impact the mortgage interest deduction. Steve Grgas discusses: When must individuals pay estimated taxes?

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August 2015 Newsletter

Joseph Romano’s review: FAQ: Can an S corporation own an interest in another business entity? Wayne Naegele discusses: Tax extenders take first steps to passage before Congress breaks for August recess.

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July 2015 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele’s review: Supreme Court upholds ACA Code Sec. 36B premium tax credit regs. Salvatore Russo answers the frequently asked question; Can I deduct the cost of sending my child to summer camp?

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June 2015 Newsletter

Andy Presti discusses how to file an amended return if you discover and error. Also, Steve Grgas discusses how the IRS resolves and identity theft case.

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April 2015 Newsletter

Steve Grgas discusses how IRS auditors place more focus on partnerships as use of the entity increases.  Also, Joe Romano details how tax reform talks continue in Washington and how they are eager for public input.

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